abouT Her Story 

Rasha's knowledge of the English language when she first immigrated to the U.S., were "Hi" and "Shut up" (the ladder didn't make her many friends). When she was eight years old, her parents decided to move from Cairo, Egypt to California--to give their children better opportunities (but mainly because they watched too many Hollywood movies). By the 6th grade, she was fluent in English and was already getting straight As. Her acting experience actually started when she couldn't even speak English. In her first play at the age of 9, she was in her school play, Orphan Annie. Two years later, Rasha became the lead in two plays. When she was elected President of her high school (the first female in the history of her school), her drama teacher and mentor enjoyed her speech so much that he suggested a career in acting. However, she received a full scholarship to college and was awarded a Masters Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Then she embarked on a road not-so-less-traveled-by.. She went on to work in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations at large corporations and non-profits in the U.S., Dubai and Egypt.



Her exposure to the world and various cultures led her to her love of storytelling. She believes we each have a unique story. This is why she embarked on an acting career and took all of her experiences with her to guide her tell a more compelling story.

Rasha has acted in films, in which one was awarded best film in a film festival. She made her theater debut (as an adult) in the play The Motherf***er with the Hat--a Broadway play nominated for six Tony awards. Rasha has been featured in a number of commercials and now attends the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.