Unlearn Something Today - Episode 1: What is "unlearning"?

From California to Egypt and the Middle East. From immigrant to American. From corporate to non-profit. From Journalism to marketing to filmmaking. From marriage to divorce, I’ve done it all. Now, I share the lessons that I’ve unlearned along the way. The lessons that have conditioned and programmed us since birth. Because it’s time that we deconstruct and rebuild ourselves according to our own, personal truths. In this podcast, I will help you unlearn things about life, relationships, career, mental and physical health, money and more. I hope this podcast inspires you to discover your authentic self so we can propel a culture of unlearning.

Welcome to episode one - So what is “unlearning”?

In this episode, I explain:

  • What unlearning is;

  • Why unlearning is vital to our personal, professional and spiritual growth;

  • What kinds of topics we will unlearn together;

  • My fears and motivations behind the creation of this podcast.

Let’s start the unlearning journey, together!

July 16, 2019

Rasha Mohamed